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Digiant Offers the Best-fit Chinese CBEC Solutions

Digiant has supported scores of brands establish and improve their CBEC across a variety of sectors such as Food and Beverage, Cosmetics & Person Care, Fashion, Pet Product, Kid and Mother product. With more than 14 years of experience in digital marketing and eCommerce

Challenges for Brand to Enter Chinese Market

  • No direct access or research about Chinese Market, no Go-to-market strategy to enter
  • No professional/dedicated team to develop Chinese market
  • Invested a fortune to join trade exhibitions, but couldn’t find reliable distributor for China
  • No Chinese information of brand or product available for potential distributor or consumer
  • No brand existence or brand education in Chinese market
  • General Trade requires a lot of time and budget to prepare product registration/filing and Chinese Label
  • Lack of fast track for overseas brand to try out the CN markets and be ready for more comprehensive entry
  • Client/Consumer can’t efficiently communicate with brand to buy products or make the deal
  • No sustainable plan to grow business in China


Key challenges for Cross Border eCommerce Operation is meeting customer expectations.
What follows are the major factors inhibiting a consumer from making cross-border purchases:

  • Client habit/loyalty inhibitors
  • Supply chain inhibitors
  • Payment inhibitors
  • Operation inhibitors

6 Pillar Approach to Chinese CBEC

Based on the practiced 6 pillar of CBEC solution, Digiant offers the best-fit one-stop CBEC solution to support scores of brands establish and improve their CBEC across a variety of sectors, and accelerate both sales to consumers and B2B exporting  to China

The Right CBEC Channels
  • WeChat Store
  • Tmall Global
  • JD Worldwide
  • RED
  • Kaola.com
Attractive Products
  • Genuine Products
  • Competitive Price
  • Active Promotions
  • Reputation & Variety
High Return of Investment
  • Plan minimum investment
  • Start sales activity only in a few weeks
  • Test Market and Optimize Strategy to Enter Comprehensively
Marketing Plan With Budget
  • Brand Localization
  • Social Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Influencer Marketing to Target User
CBEC Operations
  • Bonded Warehouse Mode
  • Direct Shipping Mode – Small Parcels
  • Custom Clearance
  • CBEC Policy
  • The Chinese eCommerce Law
Logistics and Order Fulfillment
  • Prepare product story telling contents in Chinese
  • Local operation and Customer Service Team
  • Follow required Rules and Regulations according to Ecommerce Law and Platforms
The Chinese Cross Border eCommerce Solutions in 3 Phases

Digiant Offers the Best-fit Chinese CBEC Solutions to Support You Efficiently Entering the Chinese Market

By opening  WeChat and CBEC platform stores at different phases to promote high quality products, can accelerate both sales to consumers and B2B exporting  to China. Followings are achievable & measurable goals we set for each phase.


Localization and Trial Operation

  • WeChat Miniprogram CBEC Store
  • WeChat Official Account
  • Weibo Official Account
  • Chinese Website Localization
  • Baidu Product Management
  • Video Marketing


Steady Progression

  • RED Store and RED influencer Marketing
  • Open 1 flagship store on one of main CBEC platforms (Tmall global, JD Worldwide, Kaola)
  • Search Marketing on Baidu
  • Enter certain new retail channels
  • KOL Marketing


Aggressive Expansion

  • Open stores on all 3 main CBEC Platforms and expand stores for particular growing brands
  • Enter offline retail stores
  • More aggressive marketing
  • Open online B2C&B2B eCommerce website or APP

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