Chinese Website Baidu SEO

SEO for the Chinese audience is quite a bit different than SEO anywhere else. Although Google is used by some people in China, the most popular search engine is Baidu.

Digiant Global will help you to do website SEO for Baidu achieving the following for your brand:

  • Be found by your Chinese target audience on Baidu via organic search
  • Improve your Chinese keyword ranking on Baidu
  • Improve the Baidu Rank
  • Increase organic search traffic to your Chinese website
  • Increase the number of webpages indexed by Baidu
  • Increase the number of inquiries and sales for your brand

Digiant Global offers a complete one-stop SEO solution for your official Chinese website and brand.

Official Chinese website SEO strategy with clear objectives

Defining business related goals with KPIs for your SEO efforts is crucial.

Goal 1: Increase organic search traffic
An example of the quarterly KPI goal will be something like daily 500UV (organic search traffic).

Goal 2: Keywords rankings
Digiant Global will be working with you to dig out and decide the keywords that are closely related to your business. We will set a quarterly KPIs such as: 50% of keywords searched have visibility on the first 2 search results pages of Baidu.

Official Chinese Website Creation

  • Grab the Right Domain Name with the right hosting provider
    Digiant Global will provide a solution with one domain and sever hosted in China. This will increase your ranking on Baidu and boost your load speed, which is critical.
  • Get an Internet Content Publishing (ICP) license
    Digiant Global can be the partner for you to get the license. The ICP is a permit issued by the Chinese government that gives you permission to operate a website in China.
  • Chinese Website Creation
    With 95% of Chinese online users accessing the internet via their smartphones, Digiant Global will be working with you to create a mobile-friendly Chinese presence website with a global appeal.
  • Content translation
    Baidu won’t index content in Chinese dialects, such as Cantonese. Digiant Global will adapt and translate your content for Chinese customer’s culture, language, and etiquette.

SEO Targeted Audience Persona Research

Through thorough understanding of consumers and businesses in China, Digiant Global can build and seed relevant content. Which keywords will they search? What content is useful to solve their problems?

The target audience persona will include this information: geographic distribution, gender, age, main keywords they searched, relevant keywords, etc.

Keywords Segmentation Strategy and Research

Research data provides the insights we need about a brand’s current positioning, the competitors and opportunities.

Digiant Global will dig out and analyze three types of keywords:

  • Keywords for informational search
    The intent is to acquire some information assumed to be present on one or more web pages. Platforms ranking possibility are based on verticals of articles, websites, Q&A websites, Baidu Wenku, Zhihu and official website.
  • Keywords for navigational Search
    It is an immediate intent. Platforms ranking possibility are based on Q&A websites, Zhihu and official website.
  • Keywords for transactional Search
    The intent is to perform some web-mediated activity. Platforms ranking possibility are based on Q&A websites, Baidu Tieba, Zhihu and official website.

Technical optimization for your website

By using the 3rd part data & tech tools, Digiant Global can identify opportunities to optimize your website more effectively for the search engines. This is an example of the technical optimization that Digiant global team will work on for you:

  • All Chinese search engines’ webmaster tools verification
  • Focus on Chinese content for crawlers
  • Apply for your official icon on SERP
  • Implement delivered SEO with onsite meta recommendations
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Revise sitemap.xml file
  • Conform mobile website with the Baidu MIP protocol
  • Examine the server and ensure performance and stability of your website.
  • Inderal link system enhancement to get more indexing and crawl rate
  • Others as necessary for technical optimization.

Content Marketing SEO

As the sharing economy grows, trust and reputation are becoming a bigger part of the equation. This usually starts with search; which is what makes online reputation management essential to online marketing.

Three content marketing approaches that Digiant Global will be working on for you:

  • BGC SEO (Trust Built)
    It includes brand site content SEO, WeChat SEO, Press SEO, Baidu Wiki SEO, Toutiao SEO, etc.
  • PGC SEO (Spreading)
    It includes Video SEO and Zhihu SEO.
    It includes Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Tieba, Douban, BBS, etc.

Measure Whether SEO Meets Success

Digiant Global will be working with you to define a robust measurement framework to measure the impact of all SEO deployments across the all steps. These are critical KPIs that we believe in and take seriously.