B2C Online Store Operation

Digiant Global is more than just a one-stop eCommerce solution provider, we are your next-generation business partner in China.

We designate a dedicated team for each brand. We take responsibility for your sales performance and have a culture of continuous improvement which utilises data analytics across all parts of eCommerce including marketing, operations, tech and warehousing and your product management.

Thanks to our data-driven optimization process we will help you learn about the Chinese market and consumers’ habits and preferences.

We serve international brands covering several categories: Tourism, Appliances, Fashion, 3C, Home Furnishing, Food & Beverage, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and Cosmetics.

Our operation service covers a wide range of channels including platform stores (such as Tmall, JD, Redtalk, Shunguang, and Amazon), official brand websites, social media platforms (such as WeChat stores and Mini programs) and O2O, Omni-channel sales.

ECommerce Content Creation and Traffic Management

In Chinese online stores products are displayed in a different way. For instance, especially in some industries, Chinese consumers are used to having access to large high-quality images of the products showing all their characteristics. Using a Western-like display system may result in a sharp decrease in conversions.

Our team takes care of content creation following each marketplace specific guidelines and managing also product display, description and SEO friendly copywriting.

Our creative and tech specialists will focus on:

  • Content creation: Brand and Product Content Planning and Design
  • Search marketing: Search Optimization and keyword bidding
  • Promotion: Customize Promotional Packages based on analytics reports
  • Online & offline advertising: creative production, ad placement strategy, ad space selection, data analysis, etc.

ECommerce Flagship Store and Shopping Site Operation

Thanks to the extensive experience we built throughout the years a comprehensive process for flagship stores set up and shopping site operation management that is completely customizable and constantly improve thanks to data acquisition and analysis.
Our services include:

  • Customer insights: Customer segmentation, customized marketing, upsell to new customers & returning customers
  • Product strategy and implementation: Product structure (star item, best seller, traffic driver, profit driver), Price Management
  • Merchandising strategy and implementation: Ordering strategy formulation, Product display, UED of pages, Product photography, Product promotion, product mix and Seasonal strategies
  • System integration between the store order management system and WMS
  • Integrated data analysis: Data analytics reports, Real-time comparison, Platform data and Activity data
  • Store Design: Store design according to brand concept and platform and audience peculiarities, product page design and optimization
  • Customer Service: Pre-sale inquiry, after-sales support, training and quality control
  • CRM: Crowd scenario segmentation, New and old customer operation
  • Cross store affiliate marketing

ECommerce Warehouse Service

Thanks to our Warehouse Management System we offer an accurate match of your supply with demand, avoiding excesses and supply shortage ensuring the best experience for your customers.

Our Warehouse Services include:

  • Goods Storage
  • Order fulfillment and operation
  • Order Status tracking and delivery tracking
  • Inventory status reporting and alarm system
  • Customer Service through hotline and online chat
  • Order return and refund management