Brand Localization for Chinese market

Brand localization for the China market is a must. Adaptation of products to the Chinese culture and language. The process of brand localization is complex, especially in China.

Digiant Global has been focusing on creating user experiences that successfully drive your marketing strategy and business goals in China by connecting with consumers on a deeper level.

After Digiant Global finishes the implementation of localization strategy solutions, your business will be better able to meet customers where they are and will enable businesses to effectively broaden your potential customer base and avoid the potential pitfalls of cross-cultural marketing.

In-depth investigation and discussion for brand localization strategy

  • How provide products or services to the China market?
  • Are the products affordable for the China market?
  • How can customers pay?
  • How will deliver the products or services?
  • What about customer and product support?
  • Budget planning of brand localization and maintenance?
  • How to avoid any legal or regulatory issues
  • Other brand localization questions.

Defining brand localization scope and implementation for Chinese market

  • Chinese brand name to easy recognize
  • Trademark registration in China for intellectual property protection;
  • Web marketing including official Chinese website localization, SEO, Baidu products management, online PR, social media management and so on.
  • Content translation and adaption for customer culture, language, and etiquette, like picture, currency, date formatting, units of measurement, and other details that translation.
  • Purchasing preferences for value conversion. Appropriate Online and offline sales channel and distribution advisory
  • Localization for avoiding legal or regulatory issues, like how to comply with China advertising laws

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